How to Get Rid of the Fruit Flies


Fruit Flies

One creature which is commonly found in everyone’s house if there are yummy, tasty fruit present in the house. Yes the ultimate enemy of the fruits which are the fruit flies. You might have noticed that when you get the fruits from the basket, you hear a buzzing of a fruit fly around your ear. You see a small creature sitting on the surface of fruits calmly as if it’s like a paradise for it. And the worst part is that we all have become matured enough to understand that fruit flies even attack our fruits while we are eating them. So you have to be quite cautious that along with the healthy nutritive fruits, you do not engulf the fruit flies. So it is very important that you be aware of

Techniques How to Get Rid of the Fruit Flies.

1.      Are Fruit Flies a Real Problem

In case you are still naive and think that what harm fruit flies can possibly cause? They are so small creatures then let me tell you that fruit flies lay almost 500 eggs at a time. These eggs hen start their life cycle and then become larvae, pupa and then an adult fruit fly. If you ingest a fruit which has an egg on it (the eggs are so minute that it is not possible to see them with a naked eye), then the microbes will start a drill in your stomach and then you will have to face the consequences.

Moreover while a fruit fly is on a fruit, it pierces the surface of the fruit with its pincers to get the necessary nutrients. While doing so, the microbes from its legs penetrate into the fruits causing health problems for us later. On their mission to damage our health, they do many problems for our body. So it is important to know and understand that how we can get rid of fruit flies. The question of how to get rid of fruit flies can only appear if you are fully aware about the hazards of fruit flies.

2.      Do we Actually Need a net to Kill Fruit Flies

You might have seen big mosquito nets in the markets or in some bubbly cartoons where a character comes with a mosquito net in his hand. He then starts stroking all the mosquitoes, flies with his net. However, the problem is that the net is not as magical as it seems in the cartoons. Firstly the net if small, so you cannot expect that you can kill all the fruit flies with it. Secondly, the net was actually designed to kill the mosquitoes no the fruit flies, so why are you using it?

The net itself is not feasible at all. You cannot do roaming around the house whole day just to kill fruit flies! We all have some very important tasks to do in our everyday lives. So then why we need to this net thing? There are many ideas already there to educate us about how to get rid of fruit flies, so then why you need to worry about the fruit flies.

3.      Are Electrical Rackets a Good Solution

You might have heard the name of a magical yet a controversial product that is an electrical racket. It is actually a kind of badminton racket but it has real wires, like the wires made of metals. It has a button with it which is to be pressed. As you press it, current starts passing through the racket and you move here to and fro and in other directions as well. If it will encounter a fruit fly, it will enclose it into its wires and as current will pass by it, it will kill it. Yes, the ultimate death of fruit fly has occurred. You might think about it as the answer to the question how to get rid o fruit flies. But wait people, let me show you the other side of the picture as well.

The electrical rackets are very noisy. As high voltage passes through them and as they encounter fruit flies, they produce a lot of disturbance and noise. So, they are not to be used around patients or those people who do not like unwanted sounds. The reaction between a racket and a fly may seem a simple one but it produces too much sound which actually annoys you at some point for sure.

Moreover as the fruit fly has been murdered. Your sense of smell will eventually become active and you will have the smell of a rotten dead creature. The stinkiest smell is going to come from your room for almost half an hour where you were slaughtering the fruit flies. In your puzzle about how to get rid of the fruit flies, you have actually converted your room into a pond full of dead fish.

It does not end here. There are small kids in most of our homes. So, we cannot expect ourselves to do this grave crime of bringing the rackets into our houses. They are full of high current ad if your child touches the wires by mistake, you can face unexplainable outcomes. It can electrocute him and you might have to take him to the hospital.

Why DIY Ideas are the Best to get Rid of Fruit Flies

If you feel upset and feel that you lost your battle against the fruit flies, then you are truly illusion. Yes it is possible to get rid of the fruit flies even without using these lethal devices and instruments. Some of you might be thinking that only those were the ways to get rid of the fruit flies then how are we going to proceed and win our fight against fruit flies? But dear people, no need to worry. A magical tool, a magical stick is still left. It will eliminate the fruit flies from your homes, offices like a flip. Ok not if a flip but in very short period of time. This magic stick is actually available to all of us. So, I am not talking about specific regions like a specific product available only in a certain region. The magical wand is DIY home ideas.

Yes the solution to your biggest problem especially for your kitchen is the DIY ideas technique. It’s not a very demanding concept and you do not have to think like for 5 to 6 years to proceed with this technique. DIY IDEAS are the best to get rid of fruit flies because we have to see the larger aspect of killing fruit flies. We have to kill them while also keeping in mind that the treatment should not be hazardous to our own health.

A.      Understand that the Products Present in the Market

You need to understand that the products present in the market to kill the fruit flies are quite expensive. Many chemicals are used in them. They are not friendly to touch and usually finish within a day or a week. For example if you are deciding to buy spray to kill the fruit flies, then it will cost you much. It will cost you almost hundreds but if you go for the DIY ideas, they are not expensive at all. You will use the things already present in your house and so you do not have to worry about the budget too.

B.      DIY ideas are Simple.

Each one of us can think of them and then implement them.

C.      Be Patient

No particular skill is required to implement them. Sometimes, you have to be a little bit patient for the idea to work but if you want better results, then I think that is fine. List of some ideas which you can apply to get rid of the fruit flies.

1.      Vinegar -the Best Solution for Problems Regarding our Kitchen

To do this DIY idea, you need absolutely simple things from your kitchen. You need vinegar, soap used for washing dishes and a bowl to place the things in it. So after you have gathered these so called ingredients, let’s proceed towards making our magical recipe. First, pour the vinegar into the glass bowl. Add the dish soap in it. It is better if you use liquid dish soap instead of the solid one. It will amalgamate quickly with the vinegar and so will dissolve. Now, you may mix it with a spoon. Have you seen the whirls in a pond or a lake? As you will dip your finger into the solution and rotate the solution clockwise or anticlockwise, you will feel the swirls in the solution and see them. This part is just for fun. Now you can place the bowl where the fruit flies are in most abundance. It can be your kitchen counter, nearby your baskets or fruits etc. Fruit flies have a natural tendency to be attracted to vinegar. They will be attracted to your solution and hence will die.

2.      A New Variety of Vinegar-apple Cider Vinegar to Trap the Flies

In case you do not want to kill the fruit flies but on the other hand do not want them to damage your fruits, then you can use the flavoured vinegar- apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is also used in making different dishes. Take some apple cider vinegar and then place it into a bottle. Do not cover the bottle with the lid because you have to let the fruit flies come inside the bottle. As the fruit flies will come in, the will stick to the surface of the apple cider vinegar. As you see that a number of fruit flies have accumulated inside the bottle, cover it with a lid. Throw the bottle away or if you are a very passionate person, take the bottle to a garbage can and then open the bottle. In this way, you have not killed the fruit flies and have gotten rid of them also.

3.      An Enticing and Tempting Trap for the Fruit Flies

In you quest about how to get rid of fruit flies, you are also going to use your creative skills. If you feel that this is becoming boring, then no worry because this DIY trap is here to make use of all your innovative skills. Yes, this trap will be made from the things of paper and sticking items. It’s actually like an art so you can be really happy while making this kind of trap. For this first you need a card paper. It is better if you use a soft card instead of hard chart paper. You need a scotch tape to fix the card paper in place. After you have had collected those two things, take an empty jar. You do not have to go to the shop to buy an empty jar or a beaker. We all have jams with bread for breakfast. After the jam present in the jar gets finished you can use it for this purpose. Take the jar. Place some sweet thing inside it. It can be a piece of strawberry, apple etc.  Fold the soft card paper as you fold a filter paper and fix it on the opening of the jar such that there is some empty space for the flies to get in. Now to get the paper fixated in place, tape the end of the soft card paper. Now leave the apparatus fora day or two near your kitchen counter. You will notice after some time that fruit flies have accumulated inside the jar. The jar has been used to get rid of the fruit flies successfully!!

4.      Beer – a Bad Liquor for a Good Purpose

Beer is usually bad for our health as it acts an addiction for our body and disrupts with various ongoing mechanisms of our body. However, you can use it to get rid of fruit flies. Take some beer and place it in the bottle. Keep the jar open and then fruit flies will be fascinated by it. In this way, you can capture the fruit flies. One thing is that you do not have to buy a beer of an expensive brand for killing fruit flies. Even a cheap beer will serve the purpose.

5.      Banana- the Ultimate Favourite of Fruit Flies

Banana is a fruit which is loved by almost all of us. Now you can also use it to get rid of fruit flies. Mash the banana with a spoon and then place it in the jar. Now put a plastic cover at the opening if the jar so that it is fully wrapped around the opening. Secure the ends with a tight rubber band or a scotch tape. Now with a pin, make some holes in the plastic wrap. The holes should be large enough so that fruit flies can enter the jar. Then you can throw the jar away.

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