How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes



There is one creature which is found in almost every place in summers and in the rainy season. It is found in hospitals, schools and homes in abundance. Its abundance does not mean that it is some sort of pet but it’s actually a fatal insect which causes great disturbance for the sleepers and health problems for the general people. It is found roaming in the households, sitting on different things, contaminating them by leaving different germs on those things. Yes I am talking about the deadly yet very minute Mosquitoes. Yes the creature which makes all of our lives hell sometimes, the creature which is actually 3d as it can go in all the dimensions of the house. So it is very necessary to learn about how to get rid of the mosquitoes.

Why are Mosquitoes such a Big Problem?

Whenever summer season comes with all its ice creams, juices and other delights, there is one thing which it surely brings with itself and that is the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes which leave everyone scarred and leave marks on the skin are a common problem for everyone. They cause swelling and itching on our skin. It may seem a lesser problem for some of you but actually you will be surprised to know that a significant number of deaths occur around the globe due to this small creature. Yes they contain deadly germs which penetrate deep into the skin causing infections of different organs. So it is very necessary that you be aware about how to protect yourself from this deadly creature. This creature if not properly dealt with can cause many health problems for you and your family and relatives. A large number of cases are reported in Africa, Asia and other areas regarding diseases caused by the mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes contain many kinds of microbial parasites in their blood. As they penetrate their pincers into the skin of the humans, the pincers transmit the germs and microbes from the mosquitoes into the body of the host which are mostly humans. The germs then cause swelling and redness of the skin and also fever. This fever if not treated timely can cause other malignant diseases. E.g. dengue is a well-known disease of mosquitoes around the globe. It is spread by the Aedes mosquito. Firstly its symptoms are not much severe but is it be left untreated, it can cause death of the patient. So, you need to have necessary information about how to get rid of the mosquitoes. There are many sprays and mats available in the markets to get rid of the mosquitoes but as they contain hazardous chemicals, they are harmful for humans too. Moreover, some people are also allergic to the smell of the sprays. A new device called a mosquito racket has been introduced into the market from some time. It uses electric current to kill the mosquitoes. As the mosquito touches the net, it is electrocuted but it is very dangerous as your child can get an electric shock from it.   So the natural or home remedies are the best option if you want to know about how to get rid of the mosquitoes. These remedies are very helpful to Get Rid of Mosquitoes and will help you in fighting the battle against the deadly mosquitoes.

1.      Peppermint Essential Oil

A natural saviour from the mosquitoes. Peppermint has some very miraculous properties. It has much health and natural glowing benefits for the skin. Not only this, it also plays a role in protecting us against the mosquitoes.

You do not have to spend hours to make your magic portion. It is very simple. Take some peppermint essential oil and transfer it to a sprayer. Then add distilled or even normal water to the sprayer. Shake thoroughly and then place it in the sunlight for a few hours

The peppermint will keep the mosquitoes away from your body when you will spray the mixture on your skin. It will act as a natural repellent for the mosquitoes.

2.      Garlic Mixture with Water

Remember the time when you used to hate this thing that your mother uses garlic in the dishes. You used to hate the taste of garlic but what if I tell you that garlic can help you by acting as an attacker for the germs. It will actually keep the mosquitoes away from your doors.

Take some crushed garlic in a plate. Garlic should be finely crushed. Add some water in it and then transfer the heterogeneous mixture into a bottle. Spray it at the corners of the door. Spray it at every corner of the house. Tour doors may sound bad for some time due to garlic but eventually you will see no or very few mosquitoes because garlic has completed its task. It has kept the mosquitoes away from your sweet home.

3.      Lemons and Cloves – a Strange yet an Amazing Amalgamation

Lemons have been known lately for their glowing and freshness properties. They are used for natural healing and repairing of the skin and they can play a significant role in your fight to get rid of the mosquitoes.

The combo is a bit strange but trust me once you use this remedy you will be very much thankful to me. For this, slice a lemon and place cloves on the inside of the lemon. Now place it in different corners of the room and your house. You will start see the amazing results shortly that how lemon acts as a natural repellent. You can also rub it on your skin to protect yourself from the mosquitoes.

4.      Neem and Lavender oil Mixture

Lavender is actually a very soothing flower and in your case, it is even more because it is a natural saviour against the mosquitoes. The list of about how to get rid of the mosquitoes cannot be completed without mentioning neem and lavender oil.

Take some neem leaves. Neem is a very common tree and it is found along the streets and parks so you do not have to wander into the forests to search for neem !. Ads some warm lavender oil into it and the store the mixture in a bottle for some. Time. Neem protects our body from the mosquitoes as well as many kind of fungi so you can apply the mixture on your body before going to sleep. Then you can have a very calm and a peaceful sleep without any interruption of the buzzing of the mosquitoes.

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