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Cockroaches are common insects of houses in the whole world. They have different sizes for on half to 3 inches long. There are three different types of cockroaches are found United States of America which are American roach, German and oriental. They attract to our houses on different reasons. So before we start to deal it with we must understand its type. The main reason to cockroaches attack on houses is due to water leakage.

Cockroaches enters into our home in the search of food and water. If we want to enter in our house we should do cleaning properly on daily basis and store our food rightly. They carry bacteria that is very harmful for food resulting in food poising, and skin problems.

So we should have to prevent and remove these cockroaches for our family’s better health. There is not a one method to control them which we can adopt.

Signs of Cockroaches in House

To find cockroaches in home is not very easy because  Cockroaches are came out for food at night and prefer to stay hidden in cracks and crevices in the day.

Cockroaches loves to eat all types of food. They can eat like paper, packaging and plastics.

Some common signs that help us that there is a cockroach’s infestation.

. Unusual smell

When you feel some unpleasant smell in house or office then there must be a cockroach’s infestation.

. Cockroaches Dropping

If there is a little water available then cockroaches will produce black dropping in cylindrical.

.  Smear Marks

If there is no water then cockroaches will produce brown smear marks. Check for marks on horizontal and at wall floor.

. Shed Skins

Cockroaches shed cast nymphal skins 5-8 times as they to adults. These are available near cockroaches’ shelters.

Where can be Cockroaches Infestation?

First of all we should find the places where cockroaches could be. Different Species like different weather. Some like warm weather and while other can tolerate cool weather.

. Bathrooms

Just check first bathroom cabinets especially full with soap and products like this. Also check behind sinks and bath toilets. Cockroaches likes to eat soaps, toilet papers and tissues.

. Kitchen

Also check cupboards, cabinets and hidden area with pipework such as sink and dishwashers. Cockroaches can also found upper inside corner of cupboards. Places like back of cookers, freezer, microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, blenders and fridges are need to check.

. Laundries

We should check the cupboards under sinks. Some areas where plumbing are enters through floors or walls for washing machines. And also check hot areas near the motors at the back of washers

. Basements

Just check the base along the walls and corners that if there is any gap. If there are any gaps then cockroaches could hide there. Cracks in wood baseboards are also opportunities for them. They could hide there and eat cardboards and newspapers.

. Drains

Some species like oriental cockroaches can survive in drier and cooler areas. So check very carefully crack in pipes where they can hide and damaged drain. Also check pipes ducts, opening beneath porches and outbuilding. They are also knows to survive within rubbish tips.

Types of Cockroaches Pests

Cockroaches are found in almost in all world but few species can affect us directly and they are considered as pests. They seek water, food and shelter can vary.

Oriental Cockroaches

Lives in coolers, damp conditions and in basements or drains. If the weather is supportive then they can live in outside areas. They can climb a surface such as rough brickwork unlike German Cockroaches.

German cockroaches

Need warm and humidity to survive. That’s why they mostly found in bathrooms, kitchen and laundry rooms. They can climb surface like glass and polished metals. It’s because they have sticky pads in feet’s.

Brown banded Cockroaches

Are need warm weather but they are quite adaptable. They can and fly if the conditions are supportive. They harbor in houses for food.

How to Kill Cockroaches

Here are some methods which helps you in this process.

Identify the infested area

When you are looking to control cockroaches first of all you need to identify the possible infections area where the cockroaches can target. Try to find cockroaches in your home area where you think they might be like under the sink, cabinet, shelves, door corners and in bathroom cabinets. Use flashlight if there is dark.

Place glue stripes that area where you thing are more strategic and monitor for few days. After few days you see that stripes in high traffic areas will catch the most roaches and that area requires more treatment. This will prevent roaches to expand.

Use Caulk to fill the Gaps

Glue stripes can only be used to killing the existing roaches. But this is not a solution to get rid of cockroaches completely. We have to try others way to finish them like use a caulk to fill the gaps, small holes and entry points

Place Gel Bait Station

Gel bait manufactures with food and material the pests like to consume.It found in the form of tube and can be easily used. Normally used in cracks and crevices. Because Gel bait used for killing the cockroaches so you may found a large amount of dead roaches lying around your home.

Bait stations are also used for the killing of cockroaches. They work as attracting roaches into the stations and feeding poison. After eating the poison roaches reached home and dies and become feed of other roaches. When other eat these poisoned roaches they will die also. There is a little issue with is that it contain poison and using in home is unsafe sometimes.

Use Boric Acid

Boric acid can be used to cockroach killing. Made with boron and water low in toxicity for men and pets but killer for cockroaches. Should be used alone as treatment without any other combination.

There are many other ways we can use to treat a cockroach problem, one of which is the roach bomb also called foggers and bug bomb.

How Roach Bomb Kills

It work to spraying the pesticide into the air when it drops on the floor it will coat the surface and kill the roaches. According to experts most roach bombs are placed in the center of room and activating it buy pressing at the top of the can. The whole material inside the cane goes upward into the air where water droplets remains sometimes and came onto the floor and other places also. This will kill a huge amount of cockroaches only few could be save by entering into the hiding points.

How much Cockroach Trap and Baits are affective DIY Methods

Once we found cockroaches in our homes we are looking for its treatment which could help us to get rid of them.  And used different methods. Now let’s take a look how much of these methods are effective to kill cockroaches.

  1. Coffeehouse Remedy

Take coffee grinds as cockroach’s baits and place them into jar where roaches can reach easily. They came into trap after smelling coffee baits.

But this in not applied to kills all roaches but only we can see.

  • Bay Leaf repellent 

Like coffeehouse grinds bay leafs can also be used as trap to attract the roaches. Place crushed bay leafs on those place where cockroaches approach mostly like under cabinets and kitchen corners.

  • Catnip

Use few scopes of catnip tea into boiling water. After cooling the hot catnip tea pour it into a bottle. The smell of catnip tea repel roaches and attracts cats who may help you

  • Orange Out

The smell of an orange paste is not amused cockroaches at all. So, by using citrus based cleaner is helpful to keep away from your houses.

  • Cucumber Traps

The cockroaches don’t like cucumber peel at all. Especially mixed with tin. It will repel as well as kill the cockroaches.

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