How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs



Bedbugs are small insects who feed on the blood of human or animals. Its looks like oval have flat bodies and they are apple seed in size and when they feed their bodies swell and look reddish color. They can move on floors and walls. Their numbers can increase quickly because the female bedbugs may lay hundreds of eggs size of speck of dust.

Each nymph’s changes its skin before it gets maturity. Bedbugs who are not mature yet called nymphs. When they change shed require blood. They can develop its self within a month if conditions are best and can produce three generation in a year.

Where Can Bedbugs Can Hide

Bedbugs can enter in our houses through cloths, couches and beds. Because they have flattened body they can easily fit their self into small places too. They don’t have nests and live in hidden places. There initial places are box spring, bed frames and headboards where they can easily hunt. Normally lives in groups. They may leave the beds and find some other hidden places like in other room or apartments. Because their only feed is blood so if they are in your home this doesn’t mean that you house or room is dirty but they are also available in neat and clean houses.

When Bedbugs Can Bite

Bedbugs are active in the night and usually bite us when we are sleeping. They withdraw blood through elongated beak. They feed from three to 10 times and then crawl away. When the bite it’s painless and itches welts after time. This can be anywhere on the skin where they can bite. The bites don’t have red spots. We don’t even know that some bedbug bite us we are thinking problems such as mosquitoes etc.

 Signs of Bedbug Infestation

When you sleep normal and wake up with itches then its first sign that bedbugs bite you. Especially if we got used bed or furniture around when and where the bite us. Other signs are

. Blood Stains on sheets

. Dark or rusty spots of bedbugs on sheets and mattresses

. Bedbug fecal spots or egg shells, shed skins where they hide

. An offensive, musty odor from bugs scents glands.

If you have found any signs then remove all bedding immediately and check whether it is a bedbugs or their excrement. Also check the area around the, including telephones, radios, carpets and electrical outlets. If you are unable to find it yourself then call an exterminator. If you find any symptoms then start it treatment immediately.

Treatments of Bedbugs

First of all clean all the places where you find bedbugs I.e.

. Clean beds, curtains and clothing. Try to wash in hot water and dry it nicely.

. Scrub the mattress and remove the bugs and their eggs.

. Vacuum the bed after few days. When vacuumed place the vacuum cleaner in a bag and through it into      garbage.

. Bedbugs can live a year without feed so try to cover our mattress at least one year and then change it. In this way all bugs will died without feed. Make sure the bed cover is fully packed.

. Repairs wallpaper with plaster and glue so that bugs cannot enter into it.

. Get rid of clutter around bed.

If you want to change the mattress due to bedbugs be careful to the rest of the house and make sure to kill these bugs so that they will not enter into your mattress.

Extermination of Bedbugs

When cleaning the infested area that will obliviously help in controlling bedbugs. We may use chemical treatment to get rid of them. And when we use these insecticides into our bed or bedroom it can be very harmful that’s why we should use products that are safe for bedrooms. Read carefully chemical precautions that it can be used for bedrooms.

How to do Bedbug spray

Bug spray contains such ingredients that can protect us from bugs to bite. Here are some directions to use bug spray

. Use low concentration of DEET.

. Take a look of graphics that shows how long the product will protects us form bugs and mosquito.

. Just apply to those parts of bodies that will expose to bugs.

. Don’t put directly on your face. Spray it o hands and pat your face.

. Don’t use it near your eyes and uses little around your ears.

. Don’t use on skin with cuts or irritation.

. Spray only ventilated area and away from food.

. After use wash hands and treated skin with soap and water.

. Any products that contain DEET and Sunscreen don’t use them because their instructions are different.

. If you got spray into eyes then wash your eyes with water and go to the doctor as soon as possible along with spray.

For Children

. Don’t use the product for children that contain lemon eucalyptus oil.

. Don’t directly spray o child spray it on hands and then put it on the child.

. Also careful that the child don’t put it hands with spray into his mouth.

Sometimes bug spray can cause irritation and allergic reaction. If someone have allergic problem then he should stop using bug spray. In case wash your hands and skin with water and go to doctor.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bedbugs with Products

Don’t waste when you see the bedbugs in your home. Here are some natural ways to get rid of bedbus.

  1. Use Non-toxic Bed Bug Spray

Get a non-toxic such as Harris Natural Bed Bug Killer. These are made from planet based active ingredients. They are absolutely natural and don’t affect our skin and can be spray directly onto mattress and other infested areas.

  • Use Food –Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth Works very well for bed bug infestations. Buy and spray food grade diatomaceous earth on thin layers of it on infested areas. This will kill bed bugs in no time.

  • Install Bed Bug Interceptors

Prevent bed bugs from climbing on the beds by installingBed Bug Interceptors on each leg of Bed. These can also use for house furniture.

  • Seal With a Mattress Cover

This is very easy and cost effective method that seals your mattress with a mattress cover. This will bedbug cut off from feed and eventually dies.

  • Wash and Dry Fabric on High Heat

Bed Bugs and their eggs likes cool weather and don’t beer the heat. If we wash our infested cloths and bed covers with hot water and then put it in dryer for some times these bedbugs will die automatically.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs create huge problems for households in United States. Bed Bugs want weather which support them and there are many places in home that helps them.

You can take different measure to prevent Bed bugs from entering your home. Despite taking measure and preparation they will be able to find their way into your house.

Bed bugs are elusive and hide themselves in narrow cracks. Because they are very tiny in sizes so they can hide in any spot like credit card space. They will find shelter not only into bedrooms but any other place that provide idea temperature.

Having proper information about bed bugs helps a lot to prevent from these pests. Here are some prevention tips that can prevent a bedbug infestation.

  1. Cover Power Outlets

Cover your power outlets very important because they use them while extermination. They hide there until they feel any danger. They can also travel through these electrical outlets and also spread these infestations to the whole home.

  • Identify Early Signs of Bed Bugs

First we need to aware about it signs of infestations and its bites. If red marks appear in rows and itchy these are bed bugs bites. If you are able to find the problem then you can seek assistance.

  • Vacuum the Floor

There is a myth about bed bugs that they are found in beds. But that’s not true they can find many places like carpets. So vacuum your carpet with vacuum cleaner to remove all bed bugs. Vacuum other things like mattress and floors. This helps to control its infestation before it get out of control.

  • Use Bed Bugs Monitors

Monitor like Climb up Monitors are specially made to go under the feet of the bed to help prevent bed bugs from climbing up on bed. This is very helpful to keep check and balance of bedbugs. Place these monitors under the feet of each bed post. Clean these devices and try to find the source to get rid of bedbug infestation.

  • Inspect Furniture Regularly

Inspecting your furniture regularly helps you find sign when they just attack your home. When inspecting focus on the furniture that has crack. And beware when you are buying used furniture.

  • Check Used Items

Used items are also one of their best hidden places like electronics. If apparently something looks neat and clean we should perform basic checks that you are thinking to use.

  • Avoid Moving Blankets

Avoid using blankets which are provided by moving company. Because these blankets may not cleaned regularly and could infested with bugs from other belongings.

  • Seal  Your Home from Bedbugs

There are many ways for bedbugs to enter into house like rodents, bird’s coats and pets. They can also transfer through clothing, luggage, public transportation and even doctor’s clinics. Use caulk to fill the cracks on the outside or inside of your home. Remember any crack or opening that can fit a credit card or business card is the perfect hiding place for bedbugs.

  • Bed Bugs From Laundromats

If you use shared laundry then there are a lot of chances to transfer of bedbugs. Use plastic bags instead of carrying your laundry into and from in an open clothes basket.

  1. Be Aware of Bed Bugs in Public Places

You can never think that store dressing room can also have these bed bugs. They can also found in cushioned seats in dressing room. So be careful while you are there.

  1. Get Professional Bed Bug Treatment

If you already dealing with bed bugs infestation and facing a lot of worries alone. Treating Bed Bugs is a complex process and usually cannot be handled by home remedies. A profession Bed Bug Treatment will effectively and safely and most importantly eliminate bed bugs permanently from home or busies.

If you are dealing with such severe bed bugs infestation, contact your local pest control professional to get rid of once and for all.

Professionals are much trained to use products and tools which are required for beg bug treatments.

 Many techniques may be dangerous which are used to remove these pests. If they are used by unprofessionally way. Unfortunate incidents and property damage can occur when homeowners tried to take bed bug extermination. Make sure to contact a bed bug pest control company for any inconvenience.

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