How to Get Rid of The Dust Mites



Do you remember the day when you woke up and suddenly had flu and cough although it was not cold weather? Well the agent causing your flu might be small white insects which are almost invisible to see with a naked eye. Yes, the same insects which cause you to sneeze throughout the day can be the dust mites.

They inhabit each and every place of your house. Your room, your kitchen and even your bed- use the same place where you sleep is not free of these minute parasites.  If you think that what harm these small organisms can possibly do, then let me tell you they not only cause coughing and sneezing but also cause other major infections of the body. They have large and sharp suckers which strongly adhere to our body and so keep themselves attached to our sacred bodies.

However, there is one relief that they cannot bite us but their adverse effects have to be taken into account also. So we have to look for the ways that how we can get rid of those dust mites.

Products to Get Rid of the Dust Mites

  1. Collar not for Humans But for Your Pets

Now we all love animals a lot. We like that our pets be safe and free of the germs. So we clean them an on a regular basis and love them more than our own siblings. What if I tell you that dust mites have been inhabiting the body of your pet for years without your permission? Yes, they have made the skin of your cat or dog a habitat of them for years.

If you are concerned as to how to get rid of dust mites, then you do not need to worry. There is a magical device available which will l help your pet to get rid of the dust mites. It is actually a collar which is tied around the neck of the pets. We all have seen the collars which old [people wear to keep their neck upright but this one is a bit different. It was initially designed to protect the pets from the harmful fleas, but with the passage of time it has been found useful to get rid of the dust mites.

You have to know that just washing will not be enough to get rid of the dust mites. This collar is very useful so that your pet can wander here freely and flick its fail with utmost happiness and without any worries of the dust mites.

You might be thinking that why this collar will keep the dust mites away? Actually this collar is equipped with a special type of repellent which keeps the dust mites away. The collar is specifically designed according the length of the neck of the cats and the dogs. It comes in variable sizes and so is suitable for different species and different breeds of cats and dogs.

  • Use of Environment Friendly Pillows

There are some pillows which are there in the online stores as well as in the supermarts which are considered to be very hygienic. Actually their surface is made up a special type of material which does not allow the dust to settle there for a longer period of time. Its surface is not sticky and so it remains neat and clean for a longer period of time.

Moreover, these pillows are also a great defense against the parasites like the dust mites. The dust mites are unable to stick to these pillows even with their strong suckers. the problem with other types of pillows is that as their surface is quite soft, dust mites are able to stick to them with their suckers, but same is not the case with the ecofriendly pillows.  

Moreover, these pillows are not too much expensive or out of your reach. If you do not like to go outside for shopping, then you can order these pillows from the amazon or Alibaba. They have very excellent quality of these pillows in affordable price.

  • Dust mite   Powder

You might have seen many sprays being used for killing the mosquitoes. Now this one is also a type of spray which is used to kill the dust mites.

See dust mites can be found at all areas of your house but the strange part is that you are almost unable to see them. They are so small in size that it is almost impossible to visualize them with a naked eye. 

When dust mite powder is sprinkled on the carpet, it infects the dust mites. It can kill almost 100 dust mites at a time. It has strong killing agents in it which cause the ultimate death of the dust mites.

See we are learning about how to get rid of the dust mites, so a better way to use this powder is by mixing it with water and use it as a spray.

For this, add some water in this powder. Transfer the solution to a bottle and then put a nozzle at the top of the bottle. Then you can spray the solution wherever you want. It is more effective this way and will kill the dust mites in a shorter period of time.

In your quest about how to get rid of the dust mites, you can use this spray wherever you find the dust mites. Moreover, this powder come with a booklet, so in case you have any queries you can consult the booklet. There is each and  every detail about how to use this powder.

  • Mite Avenger

Are you a big avengers fan? Then this product is a must for you. Ok not only because you are an avenger fan but also because this is such an amazing shampoo. It is actually an anti-mite shampoo which when applied on your pets can help to eradicate the dust mites.

 See dust mites are actually embedded in the inner side of the skin of your dogs or cats. So it is actually very important that you learn about how to remove those dust mites. This shampoo even applied superficially penetrates deeper into the skin and kills those dust mites which can cause cough and flu to your cute dogs and cats.

Now it is a usual habit of the dust mites to become resistant to the medicines with which they are usually exposed to, but same is not the case with this mite avenger shampoo. It does not contain strong killing agents and so bugs do not develop strong resistance against it.

Moreover, if you are worried, that your cat or dog might just ingest this shampoo and damage their health, then this shampoo does not contain strong pesticides. It just contains mild killing agents and is Safe even it goes inside the stomach of your cats or dogs.

You do not need to apply this shampoo daily to your dog. Even applying once, a week is enough to get rid of the dust mites.

  • Mister Ben Drops

The amazing thing about this product is that it cost very little but still have very effective performance. That is why I have included it in my list about how to get rid of the dust mites. These drops are bactericidal and well as have antibiotics added in them to kill the germs as well as the dust mites.

They have a very soothing herbal smell which after killing the dust mites give off a very good odor. These drops are not only being used to kill the dust mites but are also known to fight against many other germs and so protecting the bodies of the dogs from certain other parasites.

The main thing about this drop is that it contains a very natural ingredient i.e. the aloe Vera. Yes, the same product which is used as a facial mask has been found effective in killing the mosquitoes dust mites and so this amazing product is very much safe to use and is available at a very low cost.

  • Anti-Dust Mite Ointments

These are actually the ointments which are used to apply on the scalp if the dust mites live there. These ointments are available in medical stores throughout the world. In case, you do a lot of itching at your scalp throughout the day, then there are chances that dust mites might be inhabiting your scalp.

So you need to apply these ointments to get rid of those lethal dust mites. You can apply this ointment daily or once a week. However, it gives better results if you apply the ointment daily.

  • Conclusion

So these are some of the products which have been found very useful to kill the dust mites. These all have amazing results and have been found helpful to get rid of the dust mites.

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