Essential Pest Control Home Remedies



A house is a place where we live without family in a peaceful environment. When you get back home after spending a busy day you will prefer to rest in the home and nobody should disturb you again. When you see the unwanted creepy pests in the home you actually feel bad and angry to remove them from the house completely. It is an obvious thing that these creepy unwanted pests should have to remove from the home to make the environment clean and you may also lose the safety of the food items as well. Usually, these unwanted guests select the kitchen area on their first target. You can also say that the hygiene of the foods will also get lost by all means. There should be some important and effective remedies to remove them completely from the house to make it clean and clear by all means. Here we will discuss some important pest control home remedies which will allow you to live in the clean and peaceful environment.

Pest Control Home Remedies

1.      Take Care of Water Leakage

First of all, you should have to take care of the water leakage in the kitchen area which may allow these pests to get birth and invite the others to get enjoy the environment. Call the plumber to stop the leakage process of the kitchen and other areas of the house to control them increasing in a colony.

2.      Use Garlic-mint Insect Spray in the Garden

You should have to use garlic-mint insect spray in the garden first. After completing the spray you should have to get reach in different corners of the house where you have found these creepy insects. Make sure you have sprayed every single part and corner of the house where you have found them. It will surely stop them growing in colony respectively.

3.      Use of White Vinegar is the Best

White Vinegar is the best and possible way to throw the creepy insects out from your house. Mix two glass of water in the vinegar and fill it in the spray bottle to spread it in the corners of the house. Insects hate the vinegar and they will completely run out from your house but you have to spray it in every single corner of your house especially, in the kitchen and behind the cabinets where they use to hide from you.

4.      Fresh Herbs on the Coal and Spread the Smoke

If you really want to get rid of from the mosquitoes, you should apply fresh herbs on the coal and spread the smoke everywhere in the house. You will see the quick effect and they will run out completely from your house. No doubt, the smoke of the herbs will also disturb you for a while but soon you will get relief from everything.

5.      Basil Plant in Your Home

If you really love gardening then you should have to get the Basil plant in your home. Basil will not only provide you the gentle aroma in the food but it can also very much effective for the flies to keep them stop entering the house. Just place the Basil in the flower pot and place it in the sunlight in front of the entryway of your house. You will completely get rid of from the flies respectively.

6.      Use of Onion on Infected Areas

If you have found so many spiders in your home, you need not to worry about it because after this it will also get removed completely from your house. You just have to place the onion in those areas where you actually see the spiders. The onion will never allow the spiders to remain in your house anymore and they will run quickly to leave your house completely. You might think that you have heard this in the fairy tale but it is a true fact and you will definitely get the result.

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