Advion Roach Gel


Advion roach gel

Are you sick of enemy of your foods and your home? Are you afraid of the little creatures? Have you been a victim of the baits found in the market to fight these creatures? Have you lost the hope that you can ever fight this creature? yes, I am talking about the little yet lethal cockroaches found mingling here and there.  The cockroaches which are sometimes scarlet red but still they are not beautiful like roses. The cockroaches, which lay many eggs on a daily basis, produce more agents to destroy our clothing, our food and to scare us more and more.

  • Now you might have done many fruitless efforts to remove the cockroaches from your house but still the cockroaches are stubborn. They know how to protect their colonies and themselves. It is not easy to kill a cockroach because its defensive mechanism is quite strong. If you see a cockroach, then you can kill it with your shoe or a mop but to kill many cockroaches with this method is impossible.  Therefore, we need to look for the ways by which we can kill the cockroaches effectively.
  • How to choose the right kind of bait for the cockroaches?

There are many kinds of baits available in the markets to kill the cockroaches but most have them have their side effects too. Most of the baits have poisons added in them which if spills on hand, can damage the skin severely. Moreover, there are other baits, which are in the form of powder, which if placed on the ground can, adhere to the ground strongly, and it almost looks impossible to remove them.

So you need to be very wise while choose the right kind of bait for killing the cockroaches. There is a product with the name of advion roach gel, which has been found quite effective in the killing of cockroaches. It has very minute side effects and performs its function quite rapidly.

  • Advion roach gel
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It is not simple type of gel like hair gel or a shaving gel. It may look like both of them but it has been specifically designed to get rid of the cockroaches.

Why should you opt for the advion roach gel?

There are many products to kill cockroaches in the market already, so why should you opt for the German roach gel. Well it is because of these amazing benefits and properties of the advion roach gel.

  1. Structure of the advion roach gel

An advion roach gel actually consists of a vertical bottle. It is a very fine bottle and has a nozzle at the upper side so that the gel comes out of the nozzle as we press it. The bottle is very light in weight even when it is full. Therefore, you do not need to buy heavy bottles to get rid of the cockroaches. Advion roach gel is specially a friendly product in this regard because it is not synonymous with the heavy spray bottles. It is very small, compact and still serves the purpose.

  • Fine packaging of the advion roach gel

An advion roach gel not only has a very fine bottle but for extra protection and fineness, it also a cover. The bottle is packaged in a paper cover. The cover is made of paper. Therefore, you do not have to worry that you are using a product made of plastic. Plastic is not good to use as it does not discard easily. Therefore, that is why the covers of tea AdVION Roach gel are made of paper not of any harmful material.

  • Text and Pictures on the cover

The bottle of the advion roach gel and even the cover has many types of pictures and texts to help you acquaint yourself with the advion roach gel .it has font of middle size which is legible., the font is related to the type of gel and about its uses. Moreover, to know more about how to use the advion roach gel, a separate booklet is there in the bottle to let the people know about the gel. The bottle also has expiry date over it because many of us have this habit of reading expiry date before purchasing any product.

  • Results of the advion roach gel

An advion roach gel is a very much diversified and a versatile product. It is not only used in houses but it is also used in farms and in other areas such as god owns where there can be cockroaches as there is accumulation of food. So it is important that it be designed that way that it can be used everywhere. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

The best thing about the advion roach gel is that it gives very good results quickly. It is not like that, you have to wait for months to get rid of the cockroaches. If only one of the cockroaches is infected with it, it can stimulate the death of almost 50 other cockroaches.

  • Very simple way to use this type of gel

You do not have to take classes to learn the use of an advion roach gel. Already there is a booklet in the bottle to give you the instructions about how to use the gel, moreover some precautions are also written on the booklet for your OWN safety.

First clean the surface where you want to apply the gel. You can wash it or clean it with a dry cloth or a rag. Now there are special types of nozzles, which come along with the gel bottles. You have to fit those nozzles onto the top of the gel bottles. Press the nozzle and gel will start coming out of the bottle. Spread the gel on those areas where there are cockroaches. Place more gel drops on those areas where there is an abundance of the cockroaches.

If the gel sticks to a cockroach, it will go back to its colony. It will infect other cockroaches and ultimately you will get rid of the cockroaches.

  • Natural tendency towards the gel

Now you might be thinking that what is so special in this type of gel; that cockroaches keep attracting to this gel.

First, the color of the gel is very appealing. Its particles form a type of crust at the top, which captivates the eyes of the cockroaches, and so they are attracted to it. Gels come in variable colors and all these colors are used to attract the cockroaches.

Cockroaches have a distinct sense of smell. The cockroaches smell the advion roach gel and are attracted to it. It has a very good perfume like smell and so the cockroaches do not sense any type of danger from it. They take it as a source of food.

  • Less gel more results

You do not have to apply grams of advion roach gel every time. You just have to apply drops of gel at different places of your home. It is not to be accumulated or gathered at any corner of the house. Even less quantity of the gel will do the task.

  • No need to apply the gel daily

The gel does not have to be applied daily. You can apply it a week later or even a month later. It is not the type of product, which will lose its worth in a day. It has long lasting results.

  • Conclusion:

Therefore, advion roach gel is an amazing product to get rid of the cockroaches. Therefore, if you have even hundred of cockroaches at your home, this gel can remove almost all of them for you.

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